Winterpark Postalm

The Postalm center offers movement in the snow for active guests and the whole family. The range includes snow bike workshops, introductory Biathlon, winter archery course and Winter Survival with igloo building. The active center on the Postalm is open from 09.30 bis 16.00 clock.


Get a taste in the “bike Technique”. It’s easier than you think and it´s not necessary to have skiing knowledge. The Snow Bike is an evolution of the skidoo and has been developed in recent years to a perfect winter sports equipment. Carving on the slopes or in powder are easily possible in the shortest time

Winter Archery

Archers get an special offer in the Postalm. An archery course leads through the winter landscape. Trudge through the snow and enjoy the quiet in the winter.


The combination of cross-country skiing and shooting is a popular winter sport – Test your marksmanship even with laser weapons. You will find between dynamic sports units the optimal pulse and rhythm for shooting. Learn breathing and shooting techniques to enjoy this great sport with fun and excitement.


Survive in the cold season out in the fresh air? Learn all the tricks that make it easy to be outside in the winter and you do not freeze in the cold. Build together with the coaches a cozy winter habitation: the igloo.

Weekly schedule for introductory courses

TIME Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
11.00 am Snowshoeing Snowbike Survival Biathlon Archery Snowbike Biathlon
02.00 pm Archery Snowshoeing

Information, Registration and Rent

Postalm Aktivzentrum

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