Toll charge Postalm scenic road Abtenau

car EUR 10,00
motorcycle EUR 5,00
bus EUR 50,00
Half-year card EUR 48,00
Year card EUR 85,00


  • price winter via car: € 12,00
  • from 04.30 pm -50% reduction for motorcycle and car
  • Please note that the machine only accepts cash. Change takes the form of coins.
  • For the most part, the Postalm scenic road is a privately-financed road and its maintenance is costly. The entire upkeep, snow removal and avalanche protection is financed by this toll. You can find more information about avalanche safety in Salzburg here.
  • Half of the toll will be refunded at the Postalm Arena’s central cash desk when you purchase a ski lift pass during the winter season. With purchase of two lift passes, the entire toll will be refunded (please bring the receipt).

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