A Cross-Country Skiing Paradise: the Postalm in Abtenau

Cross-country skiing in the Alps – Abtenau in SalzburgerLand

The Postalm is a true paradise for cross-country skiers

Guests interested in cross-country skiing in the Alps will love the high-altitude cross-country trail at the Postalm. Whether you want to try skating or classic skiing, no matter whether you are a beginner or pro – the Postalm in Salzburger Land has the perfect cross-country trail for everyone.

The 5-kilometre-long Lienbach trail is perfect for beginners to practice their cross-country ski skills. Experienced skiers can hit the 12-kilometre-long panoramic trail. You won’t just explore the sprawling Postalm while cross-country skiing in the Alps, you’ll also discover the amazing mountains surrounding Abtenau in Salzburger Land. A day at the Postalm is a real treat for cross-country skiers.

Cross-Country trails at the Postalm Area

  • Lienbach-trail:
    lenght: 5 km | classic and skating | height difference: 70 m | difficulty: easy
    start and end point: parking lot 1
  • connecting-trail – Lienbach-trail to Panorama-trail:
    lenght: 5 km | classic and skating | height difference: 200 m | difficulty: medium to difficult
  • Panorama-trail:
    lenght: 12 km | classic and skating | height difference: 180 m | difficulty: medium
    start and end point: parking lot 3

The cross-country skiing on the Postalm are accessible via the toll road Abtenau or  with the daily free ski bus from the post office Abtenau.

trail maps of the Postalm

Cross Country Ski Rental in Abtenau and on the Postalm

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